• 2016 Don David Malbec, El Esteco 75cl

2016 Don David Malbec, El Esteco 75cl

  • £11.53

Tasting Notes

?A medium-full bodied wine with notes of cooked plums, prunes and violets Well balanced with soft tannins and notes of red fruits and hints of chocolate

?Ideal with traditional Argentinean dishes based on red meats also with hard cheeses and smoked cold cuts.

Grapes Malbec
Country Argentina
Region Salta
Colour Red
Vintage 2016
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Brands: El Esteco
Product Code: EN-B1966116
Availability: In Stock
Minimum quantity 6

Paul B 30/10/2017

The initial blurb suggests that this full bodied Argentinean wine should be enjoyed with traditional Argentinean dishes, but it's an excellent wine for many occasions.

The rich fruity flavours give it an almost sweet taste, so much so that I can imagine this being perfect for a Christmas dinner, as well as any rich meat meals. We had this bottle with Paella and it worked fantastically with the saffron and chicken to bring out the flavour of the meal.

The Don David is certainly thick and rich tasting, fruity and slightly tangy, it's one of the best reds I've drunk in a long time. Heartily recommended.

Becky 17/01/2017

This was a lovely red wine. It came very securely packaged. Good value for the price.

Carlos Nightman 06/01/2017

Lovely, rich, warms all the way down the throat and went well with a rare steak.

John Boy 04/11/2016

We drank this with a shin of beef stew and it was an ideal accompaniment. Smooth, fruity and just as nice with a good farmhouse cheddar: lovely.

Simon G 30/10/2016

The wine comes extremely well packaged in a Russian doll combo of polystyrene, inner box and typical packaging on the outside. Have no fear, the risk of damage during shipping is very small.

We are not massive wine buffs in our household but I am very much a fan of malbec wine in general. This wine is possibly slightly more expensive than my normal "whats on offer at Waitrose that is less than a tenner" method of selecting wines (admit it, it is yours also) but I am not sure I can tell the difference if I am honest.

I would love to be able to tell you that I get "cherries, plums and a strong nose of chocolate" but I ordered wine and not a box of liquor chocolates. In all seriousness it tastes good and has a high tannin (see I know a little bit) characteristic, more so than our usual Malbec selection. I like it, but don't love it. I would normally go for a wine with lower tannin taste but I certainly could drink 3 bottles of this - just not in the same day or so.

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