Don Manuel Villafane

Don Manuel Villafane is owned by Tomas Machado Villafane and his family, who have been in the wine business for over 400 years. 

Their ancestor, Don Manuel Villafane, came to Argentina in 1611 from Spain as a soldier. 

Later, he settled in there as a farmer and became a pioneer of winemaking in Argentina as he was one of the first to plant vines in the territory. 

Focused on a small, select group of Estate vineyards and exclusive grape growing areas, the estate currently compromises of 80 hectares and consists of two vineyards: Finca Don Manuel Estate (50 ha) and Finca le Hermita (30 ha) in Mendoza. 

The winery was recently re-developed to export high quality wines to the world market and is currently sending wines to 7 different countries, as well as to the domestic market in Argentina. 

Recently Don Manuel Villafane has also received awards for the excellent work of their oenologist Federico J. Isgro. 

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