Rioja has many different styles, from the traditional strawberry, oaky Bordeaux-influenced wines to some of the more modern, lighter styles. 

We searched for the best of both worlds – fruit-driven modern wine at Joven level and more concentrated and typical flavours in the Crianza and Reserva levels. 

Aldeanueva de Ebro ('new hamlet of the Ebro') rises against the wind on the plateau that runs from the slopes of Mount Yerga to the River Ebro. 

The vineyards contain different types of soils of pebble and clay, at widely varying altitudes, which, together with intensive sun exposure and low rainfall, define the vineyards of Aldeanueva, offering great potential for quality grapes, characterised by their intense colour, medium-high alcohol and great health. 

The growers of this area produce the Hugonell Joven. The Ondarre winery, 10km from Logrono, the Riojas capital, is the specialist division of The Bodegas Olarra Group for producing Crianza and Reserva wines. 

The Bodegas Olarra Group have worked for years at the forefront of wine producing initiatives. 

We work with Olarra/Ondarre on Hugonell Joven, Crianza and Reserva to bring you exceptional examples at a keen, competitive price level.

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