Matteo Carrozza 26/09/2018

Drank after 2 hours decanting. Very fruity, with notes of blackberries and spice. Long finish, quite complex, well balanced. The price is ridiculously low!!

Celynn Morin 18/09/2018

One of the nicest wines I’ve had in a long time. Brilliant value!

Richard Jones 14/06/2018

Love this wine. Constsitently good, well made Italian. Many cases of 2004 bought and enjoyed at daughter's wedding and this is a close second to that vintage. Rich, balanced - an all-rounder. Will be buying lots more.

Al Sebire 05/06/2017

Great wine. Great value! Deep red right the edge of the glass. M viscosity. Very ripe berries and dark fruit on the nose with a hint of cherry chocolate. Nice fruity taste initially with some sweetness. (Despite being described as dry) Drinking to accompany a spicy Chinese dish. Quite complementary! 4.4/5 Buy more!

Chris Law 29/03/2017

Very good wine for the money. Soft red fruits balanced with good all round structure and sufficient tannins to give weight but not overpower the wine.