La Scolca

In the rolling hills outside the town of Gavi lies the estate of La Scolca, which was taken over between 1917 and 1919 by the Soldati family. 

Today the estate is managed by Giorgio Soldati and his daughter Chiara, the fifth generation of the Soldati family to own the winery. 

La Scolca is comprised of 55 hectares of vineyards, all farmed bio-dynamically by the Soldati team with some of the vines being more than 60 years old. 

The vineyards extend through 11 towns, including the Rovereto commune of Gavi in Piedmont, considered by experts to have the best terroir for the Cortese grape variety. 

Three years before the Gavi was granted DOC status, La Scolca registered the trademark 'Gavi dei Gavi' in the US, better known as the 'Black Label'. 

Gavi obtained DOCG status in 1998. Producers within the commune of Gavi are allowed to label their wines as 'Gavi DOCG del commune di Gavi' or 'Gavi di Gavi' but La Scolca is the only producer allowed to use their popular and renowned 'Gavi dei Gavi' trademark name to distinguish themselves. 

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