• 2016 Blanc Vi Natural Negre Organic, Vins Petxina  75cl

2016 Blanc Vi Natural Negre Organic, Vins Petxina 75cl

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Tasting Notes

Nice red colour with orange tones due to the minimum aeging of 15 months in the bottle On the nose we feel that the wine wants to be smelled (red ripe fruit, licorice, Mediterranean aromatic plants, aeging notes) In the mouth the aromas are confirmed and also rises the minerality and the The astringency is soft and it has a good acidity

Rice in a cassola (saucepan). It's easy to do. In a “cassola” or saucepan, with oil fry the pieces of rabbit and pork ribs until golden brown and remove them.In the same oil, make a “sofregit” sauce with onion, garlic and tomato. When the “sofregit” sauce is dark, re-add the pieces of meat and and mix it. Add the rice, strain it with the “sofregit” sauce stirring for a couple of minutes and pour the boiling water.After a while, add the peas with some baking broth.Let it boil 15 minutes approximately. If you cook, you see water is needed, add it, always boiling. And this is it.

Grapes Xarello , Garnacha , Cabernet Sauvignon
Country Spain
Region Catalunya
Colour Red
Vintage 2016
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Brands: CELLER 9+
Product Code: EN-E3436116
Availability: In Stock
Minimum quantity 6

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