Chilean Wines for Every Occasion: From Casual Sipping to Fine Dining

Chile is home to some of the most delicious wines and food pairings. Learn more about the best Chilean wines for fine dining, wine tastings, and more.
Chilean wines

Whilst there's no harm in enjoying a few beers on a Friday night, there's no better feeling than finding the perfect wine and food combo. Chile is a master of wine, and your favourite products at the shop may even be from Chile without you realising it!

Chile's soils produce elegant and savoury notes. Chilean wines are iconic – once you've had a sip, you'll understand that too.

We present the most captivating fine wines for every occasion, brought to you from Chile! Keep reading to explore the best Chilean wines for every occasion.

Montes Purple Angel for Wine Tasting

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, you must try Montes Purple. This Chilean wine consists of 8% petit verdot and 92% carménère, making it a grape-forward wine. Eighteen months of ageing gives this wine a richness of dried plums and berries with an undercurrent of spice, coffee and chocolate.

Montes Purple Angel is a cult classic and pairs perfectly with beef, lamb or poultry.

Vina Leyda Sauvignon Blanc for Salads and Seafood

Reds aren't the only wines that Chile has to offer. Vina Leyda Sauvignon Blanc can attest to Chile's mastery over its white wines too. Vina Leyda Sauvignon Blanc is gentle on the nose with a soft touch of melon and peppermint.

It has a crisp and flavoursome taste with a fruit finish, making it perfect for seafood dishes. Sauvignon Blanc is a must-have if you're eating salmon or oysters. However, you can also enjoy it with salads and rich cheeses like baked brie and fresh mozzarella.

De Martino Gallardía Cinsault for an Afternoon Barbecue

De Martino Gallardia Cinsault is a highly versatile wine, making it the perfect chaser after brunch or dinner with friends. This wine has a rich, fruity nose of red cherries, plums and cranberries. It also has an undertone of smoke and mushrooms, but one can hardly detect it with its medium, fruity finish.

We recommend enjoying this wine chilled, to fully appreciate its juicy and light body. This is a wine you can lounge around with, but it also pairs well with a good barbecue.

Undurraga T.H. Cauquenes Cabernet Sauvignon for Date Night

Terroir Hunter Cauquenes Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold and tannic wine. Its dark velvety colour boasts an aroma of dark fruit, toffee and herbs. The nose is angular but not too heavy, and upon opening the bottle, you'll detect hints of spice.

The flavours are rich, with currant, red plum and spicy oak pushing through the surface. T.H. Cauquenes is a dry wine, so it goes best with juicy meats like lamb, poultry, beef, deer and venison.

The Best Chilean Wines for Brunch, Dinner, and More

Now you know some of the best wines from Chile and which foods to pair them with. Chile wines are often well-rounded, and each flavour profile brings a new surprise to the palate.

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