Revel in the Incredible Wines of Feudi di San Gregorio

Feudi di San Gregorio is now the emblematic brand of the southern Italian oenological renaissance - Read why here...
feudi di san gregorio winery in Irpinia, Campania, Italy

Feudi di San Gregorio is one of Campania's most cherished producers.

The estate, which was established in 1986, honours the customary wine varieties of the area, ranging from fragrant Fiano to robust and rustic Aglianico.

They are not only one of the biggest and most reputable producers in the region, but they also have the largest vineyards, covering more than 300 hectares.

The Cellars of Feudi di San Gregrio. Campania, Italy

Feudi di San Gregorio is now the emblematic brand of the southern Italian oenological renaissance, a drinking culture that seeks to rediscover the essence of Mediterranean flavours.

Their mission is to improve Southern Italian wines such as Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino, and Greco di Tufo, make investments in the land and the long-standing Irpinian viticultural tradition, and bring back the future of a distinctive environmental legacy.

As you ascend the hill towards Sorbo Serpico, you'll find yourself in a mystical setting with blooming rose gardens, spice gardens, and unexpected pools of water.

The long barrel room that holds the red wines is the biggest surprise, though, and can be found inside the cellar.

The idea is to redefine the cellar as a forum, a space for gathering, conversation, learning, and meditation; it's also meant to be a welcome and refreshment area as well as a laboratory of ideas and culture.

the barrel room at feudi di san gregorio

Prominent experts worked on the project: Hikaru Mori, a Japanese architect, faced the challenging task of bringing the pre-existing structures, which had grown over time, together architecturally.

The interiors and furniture were created by Massimo and Lella Vignelli, global icons of Italian design and the "authors" of the company's labels.

Irpina. A Wine Region Like No Other

The ancient Campania Apennine region of Irpinia is a unique place to grow wine because vineyards have always coexisted with fruit trees, woods, olive trees, and aromatic herbs.

It is a region that is both harsh and sweet, with strong connotations and intense sensations. Vineyards in this ancient hinterland date back to the writings of Pliny, Columella, and Strabo.

The Irpinia region has a highly diverse topography, with plains, hills, and mountains alternating with watercourses.

The region's orographic configuration establishes a wind regime that provides ample rainfall and establishes a microclimate that sets it apart from the Campania context. This microclimate includes a dense and varied vegetation, harsh and snowy winters despite their short duration, and long and mild summers.

The Wines of Irpinia. The Best Wines You Have Yet to Discover

Feudi di San GregorioGreco di Tufo

feudi di san gregorio greco di tufo

Tasting Notes
Its scents are strong and lingering. There are distinct fruity scents to the nose. The distinctive minerality and acidity of the Tufo-grown grape are immediately apparent on the palate. Then come soft notes of balsamic and a smooth, clean finish

Food and Wine match
Discover the intrinsic flavours with sushi, buffalo mozzarella and white meat first courses.

Feudi di San Gregorio Taurasi DOCG

feudi di san gregorio taurasi
Tasting Notes
Brilliant ruby ​​red with garnet reflections, fragrant aromas of sour cherry and morello cherry, cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla and anise. The taste is full and balanced with sweet and soft tannins which give it a good aromatic persistence.

Food and Wine Match
Excellent wine to drink with large roasts of red meat, noble poultry and Aglianico braised meats.

Feudi di San Gregorio Fiano di Avellino

feudi di san gregorio Fiano Di Avellino

Tasting Notes
The colour is strong straw yellow with greenish reflections. The Mediterranean sensations are clear: fresh flowers such as chamomile, yellow peach and candied orange. On the palate the typical soft notes of the vine are completed by lively freshness and minerality.

Food and Wine Match
White ideal to accompany shellfish, fish with sauces and seafood grills.


In addition to being a deserving representative of such a noble land, Feudi San Gregorio guards the local traditions and grapes.

There are many varieties that are unique to the area and provide amazing wine that pairs well with the festive foods of Campania.

The wine of Campania is exceptional and sets itself apart from the already remarkable selection of Italian wines. Feudi San Gregorio elevates these classic styles to a new plane of excellence and purity.

This small spotlight on this great producer, just does not do them justice. Discover for yourself these incredible wines and give us a call if we can assist further


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