Why White Rioja Wine is the Best Choice

White Rioja wine stands out as a great option. But what makes it the a unique and high-quality choice? 
white rioja wine

When it comes to choosing a wine, the options can be overwhelming. However, White Rioja wine is an excellent option for those looking for a unique and high-quality choice. But what makes White Rioja wine the best choice?

Rich History and Tradition

White Rioja wine comes from the Rioja region in Spain, known for its long history of winemaking. With centuries of tradition, White Rioja wine is made with excellence and care, resulting in a product that reflects the region's winemaking heritage. Although the Rioja region is famous for its red wine, the area also produces a small amount of white Rioja wine and a tiny amount of Rose wine.

Percentage of production by colour in Rioja -

 - Red Rioja wine - 86%

 - White Rioja wine - 9%

 - Rose Rioja wine - 5%

Unique Grape Varieties

White Rioja wine is produced using Viura grapes, also known as Macabeo, which are native to the region. These grapes bring a unique flavour profile to the wine, with notes of citrus, apple, and floral undertones. The distinct grape varieties used in White Rioja wine set it apart from other white wines.

Ageing Potential

One key factor that makes White Rioja wine the best choice is its ageing potential. Unlike many white wines meant to be consumed young, White Rioja wine can age gracefully, developing complex flavours and aromas over time. This ageing potential adds depth and sophistication to the wine, making it a standout choice for wine enthusiasts.

Versatility in Pairing

White Rioja wine's versatility in pairing with a wide range of dishes makes it a favourite among sommeliers and food enthusiasts. Whether paired with seafood, poultry, or creamy pasta dishes, White Rioja wine complements various flavours, making it a versatile option for any meal.

Some Outstanding White Rioja's to Try

Bodegas Ondarre Valdebaron White Rioja

 - A creamy and savoury Tempranillo Blanco, with delicate aromas of white flowers layered with ripe melon interlaced with ginger through to a deliciously refreshing finish

Nivarius Limited Edition White Rioja

 - A refreshing, textured and beautifully balanced white Rioja with floral and balsamic notes, baked apple, and layered with nut tones and a hint of minerality

Vintae White Rioja Heredad de Tejada

 - A straw yellow coloured wine with delicious ripe fruit, banana and dates notes which are pronounced on the nose in combination with the nuances of a Crianza, making it an exciting and complex wine

Ondarre Valdebaron white rioja wine

Quality and Value

Despite its high quality and unique characteristics, White Rioja wine often offers excellent value for the price. With its rich history, unique grape varieties, ageing potential, and versatility in pairing, White Rioja wine provides a premium wine experience at a reasonable cost, making it a top choice for wine lovers.

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