Exploring the World of Vin Santo: Facts and Figures

Vin Santo, a traditional Italian dessert wine, has a rich history and unique production process. Discover some fascinating facts and figures...
vin santo, on a plate with Cantuccini biscuits

Vin Santo, a traditional Italian dessert wine, has a rich history and unique production process that differentiates it from other wines. Let's delve into the world of this outstanding wine and uncover some fascinating facts and figures.

What is Vin Santo?

Vin Santo, which translates to "holy wine" in Italian, is a sweet dessert wine typically made from white grapes. It is a speciality of Tuscany, produced for centuries using traditional methods.

Notable Producers worth trying -

vin santo, bonacchi
A traditional Tuscan sweet wine with honied aromas of peach, caramelised oranges and caramel


A distinctive sweet wine made by drying the grapes on straw mats before pressing to concentrate the sugars and flavour Lots of dried fruits- raisin and prune- as well as a twist of orange peel Rich and nutty on the palate, with a long and nicely balanced finish Sip and savour after a meal or try with sweet biscuits or ice-cream


A luscious and intensely sweet dessert wine showing ripe figs, toffee and molasses through to a nutty finish


How is Vin Santo Made?

Vin Santo is made from grapes left to dry on straw mats after harvest or hung from rafters to concentrate their sugars. The process begins by pressing the grapes, after which the juice is fermented in small barrels. It is called caratelli and is typically made from oak or chestnut wood.

What Sets Vin Santo Apart?

One of the intriguing aspects of Vin Santo is its patient ageing process, which can span from a few years to several decades. This extended ageing bestows Vin Santo with its intricate flavours of dried fruits, nuts, and honey, making it a perfect accompaniment to desserts or a delightful standalone indulgence.

Interesting Facts and Figures

  •  Vin Santo is often served in small, tulip-shaped glasses to concentrate its aromas.
  • The production of Vin Santo is highly regulated in Italy to ensure quality and authenticity.
  • The name "Vin Santo" is said to have originated from the wine's use in religious ceremonies.
  • The best way to enjoy is with Cantuccini biscuits

Now that you've learned more about Vin Santo, why not try this exquisite dessert wine and savour its unique flavours and history?

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